Chewy granola bars

*preparation time: 15mins *cooking time: 30mins *makes 20 small bars Ingredients 160g oats 95g light brown sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp cinnamon 320g made up of almonds, dried apricots, raisins, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseed, chocolate chips...really whatever you like 60g your choice of nut butter 6 tbsps/90ml melted butter/coconut oil 60ml honey 15ml... Continue Reading →

Lochaber’s second spring

Underfoot green shoots are emerging from their winter hiding places, bringing with them the promise of what’s to come with the arrival of Spring. With a little encouragement, often in the form of a bucket or large garden pot, pleasing pale pink stems of rhubarb can be drawn to the surface a little earlier than... Continue Reading →

A taste of Spring

By the end of January I am desperately yearning for a taste of spring. Normally, my go to food choice is Lemon curd. It’s enticing daffodil-like hue, comforting creaminess and sharp refreshing zing is just the ticket. Last year I discovered a recipe for passionfruit curd, which had a delightful exotic taste. However, with my... Continue Reading →

Creating a new family tradition

Whilst Christmas is a really special time, there is something equally special about the days that follow Christmas, a time to eat leftovers, catch up with friends, take walks in the cold, and re-set yourself for the year ahead. In a book I read recently on hygge, the Danish art of happiness, a 90 year... Continue Reading →


On the farm the cattle and sheep have verified the change in the season - we were amazed to see that their consumption of haylage almost doubled  - keeping them in food has now become a twice daily, chilly, task. Inside, we are enjoying our advent candle, which takes pride of place on the kitchen... Continue Reading →

A pleasing pause

There is a pleasing pause after the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night and before the start of the Christmas rush. A time to take stock and plan for the deluge of activity to come. I use this time to prepare Christmas gifts from the kitchen that should be made in advance. This year I... Continue Reading →

Blackfaces for Halloween

We enjoyed a blustery few days in Mull this October school holidays, a final chance to savour the Autumn light before the changing of the clocks. And...we brought home some new additions for the farm; a small herd of Isle of Mull blackface sheep, which we hope will do well in the slightly more temperate... Continue Reading →


After school there is still a little prized time to enjoy outside before darkness falls. Over the last week, this time has been absorbed by the wheat harvest on our farm, which has provided the perfect excuse for the kids to be outside and run off some energy as they watch. This had been a... Continue Reading →

Changing colours, warming spices

All around us the fields are changing from their stubbly golden hue to a rich deep chocolatey brown as they are ploughed and re-sown with winter cereals. In the kitchen, the food I opt for takes on a colour change too – I find myself moving from eating crunchy fresh green garden peas, beans and... Continue Reading →

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