Market garden in the making

We’re working away at transforming the area next to the polytunnel into a market garden. It’s early stages but over the next couple of months, you should see more and more raised beds appearing.

These will vary considerably from those in the kitchen garden, both in construction and in size. At 10 metres long, they are four times the length of those in the kitchen garden. And due to their scale, they won’t have a timber frame. Instead, they will be mainly composed of well-rotted farm manure, a top dressing of compost, and wood chip paths in-between.

With summer in full swing (though it doesn’t feel like it at the moment), we’re filling the beds with veg suitable for an autumn harvest. So far, we’ve planted various types of cabbages, kale, pumpkins, squashes, as well as some leeks, sweet corn and kohlrabi. If you heard us praising this veg to the sky but didn’t get to try it, there might be another opportunity later in the year. So, watch this space for updates on how things are progressing!


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