Next up: the courgettes

I love the month of June when you can practically watch the veg grow and there’s something new to harvest almost every week. Case in point: the courgettes. Hot on the heels of the kohlrabi, the first batch of courgettes, pictured above, weighed in at about 500g. Not bad, given that it’s early in the season.

We grew them under cover for most of May, and this has brought them on really well. It’s been interesting to compare the difference to those grown in my own garden, without any protection. They are nowhere near as far along, and are only now starting to flower. So, a mini poly tunnel seems well worth having, if you can.

Courgettes are quite prolific croppers and I do expect there to be a glut at one point or another. If you find yourself getting tired of using them in stir fries, with minced beef or stuffed, why not try a courgette cake. Here’s a recipe for an elderflower and courgette cake which sounds interesting, or this straightforward courgette loaf cake. I tried it yesterday, omitting the raisins and with almonds instead of walnuts. It turned out really well, moist and not too sweet.

Happy baking!

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