Our first 2020 harvest

Exciting times! The record breaking temperatures in May have given our vegetables a real boost and in the last week, we were able to pick our first kohlrabis.

It’s been an eagerly awaited harvest. I absolutely love kohlrabi and have told everybody at the farm what a wonderful vegetable it is. So, the anticipation was high. And I’m pleased to report that the feedback has been great.

Anna, Holly and Magnus love kohlrabi

Unlike in the UK, kohlrabi is readily available in supermarkets in Germany. It’s a vegetable I grew up with and the easiest –and my favourite- way of eating it, is raw. You just remove the leaves, trim off the stalk and peel it like a turnip. Then slice it thinly, and voila, it’s ready to eat.

The name ‘Kohlrabi’ comes from the Swiss German for cabbage turnip, and as the name implies, it is part of the cabbage, or brassica, family. The taste and texture of kohlrabi are similar to those of a broccoli stem, but milder and sweeter. One person on the farm even detected a hint of melon.

Typically grown for its enlarged stem, which is very crisp and juicy when young, some people might not be aware that you can also eat the leaves. These are probably best cooked, just like you would cabbage leaves. You can for example, sautee them with spinach, or prepare a Thai-style kohlrabi stir fry. For the more adventurous, check out this Indian kohlrabi curry recipe on Youtube. It is well worth watching, if only to see an Indian granny cook ‘traditional style’, no kitchen required. Quite inspirational!

Kohlrabi is such an underrated vegetable. I hope more people will grow it in their garden and come to enjoy it as much as I do. Give it a try when you have the chance!

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  1. I love you!!!! I miss Kohlrabi so much! It was a staple part of diet in Germany, and when I was wee I shared it with my pet rabbit 🥰 . Do you sell them?

    1. Hi Sabine, great to hear from a fellow Kohlrabi lover. We’re currently growing a small batch of Kohlrabi in our market garden, which we hope to sell in a week or two. I’ll post a note on the Lochaber Facebook page when they’re ready. Hope to see you then! Best, Katrin

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