Our latest addition

How quickly things can change. In my last blog, I wrote that my kitchen looked like a veritable plant nursery due to the lack of a greenhouse. And now we’ve got a 10m x 4m polytunnel at the farm. We’re all super excited about the possibilities this presents!

Rob and Dan set up the metal frame a few weeks ago. Yesterday’s work started with digging a trench so the plastic sheet can be buried in the ground. Rusty supervises our efforts.
Getting ready to lift the enormous sheet over the 3m high frame.
It was a bit of a challenge, getting the unwieldy plastic in place. With the help of two strong guys and some brooms, we managed to lift the sheet over the highest point. Luckily, it was a calm day – wind gusts would have made this almost impossible.
Backfilling the trench after stretching the sides over the frame.
The plastic sits ‘drum tight’ on the frame. Very pleased with the result!


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