The thrill of growing veg from seeds

Have you found that Covid forced you to consider new ways of doing things? And it’s actually been a great experience, sometimes better than how you went about things before the pandemic? In my case, that’s been the case with growing veg.

I used to buy plug plants because it seemed convenient and always yielded good results. But thanks to the challenges of Covid, I’ve been using seeds for the first time, both bought and saved. And it’s been fantastic! I don’t have a greenhouse to call my own so my south facing kitchen and dining room have turned into a veritable plant nursery. Every surface is full of seed trays and small pots.

The dining room window

There are mangetouts, courgettes and cucumbers, as well as some perennials, such as lupins and bergamot (Monarda didyma). It’s such a joy to come into the kitchen in the morning and find that a seed leaf has appeared overnight. I just absolutely love it – and of course, ask myself: Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Well, I’m hooked now. I’ll definitely keep growing veg from seed even after Covid is over!

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