Vitamin C boosting mocktail

Is anyone else desperate for an end to this wet and windy weather? I’m in need something uplifting and a citrus drink seems like just the thing. Blood oranges are in season until May, hunt around for them, they are packed full of vitamin C and folic acid, which will provide a needed boost, and are a beautiful alternative to a standard orange.

To create this drink, first make a fresh lime syrup – this can be made in a big batch. Zest 8 limes, and take the juice of 4 of these. Mix the zest with 350ml water and 300g granulated sugar, I add in 8 green cardamom pods to this to add an interesting twist, but you can easily leave these out. Boil until the sugar dissolves, then cool, allowing the zest to infuse. Add the lime juice once the sugar syrup has cooled. Store until ready to use.

When you’re ready to make your blood orange mocktail, mix 400ml of blood orange juice with 175ml of strained lime syrup, then slowly add in 400ml of sparkling water, stirring as you do so – this needs to be added slowly as it will fizz. Serve with ice and a paring of lime and blood orange peel.

Music – I’m on fire by Town Mountain is a current favourite in our house.

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