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We are excited to announce our new class schedule between now and May 2020. The new schedule also includes some Easter themed baking classes, and for the first time, we will be taking part in foraging fortnight during May, details for which are to follow.

We can put together Christmas or birthday gift vouchers for any of the classes listed, or, if you would like to create a bespoke event, then please get in touch, maximum class participants for the bakery is 6 or 8 for adult and children partnerships.

Please email hello@lochaberfarm.com for any further information.

Introduction to Sourdough – full course in one day – £80 10am – 4pm, Sunday 19th January

The class covers the following topics: How to make a sourdough starter, how to make a leaven, mixing your dough, the process of bulk fermentation, shaping your dough, proving your bread and baking your bread. You will take home with you: your own homemade starter culture, a freshly baked loaf of bread, a loaf of bread ready for you to bake at home. Baker’s lunch provided.

Parent and child class – £40 per partnership

Saturday 1st February 2:00pm – 4:30pm (3 partnership places remaining)

Sunday 15th March (In celebration of Mother’s day) 2:00pm – 4:30pm (4 partnership places remaining)

This is for partnerships of one adult and one child, minimum age is 7 (please discuss if your child is close to 7). We will bake a loaf in the bakery oven for you to take home. You will make your own starter to take home, you will learn about mixing the dough and shaping it, and will also take home a loaf to finish and bake at home. Refreshments provided.

Evening classes – £60 for three evenings, 7 – 8:30pm 

Thursday 20th February, Thursday 27th February, Thursday 5th March 2010 (6 places available)

Part I – demystifying sourdough baking, ingredient choice, making a starter, making a leaven

Part II – mixing your dough, stretch and fold technique

Part III – shaping your dough, final proof, scoring, Q& A session, discussion of other long ferment recipes.

Refreshments provided.

Saturday April 4th / Sunday 5th April

Easter Baking session: Hot cross buns (8 places available) 2 – 4pm £30 per person

Make your own hot cross buns from scratch and bake them here in the bakery oven. You will take home with you a tray of 12 hot cross buns and the recipe card. You will also have the option to buy any equipment you may need and the ingredients for making more at home. 

Easter baking session : Simnel cake (6 places available) 2-4pm £45 per person

Simnel cake has to be one of the most iconic Easter treats, and is truly delicious. It is similar to a christmas cake, but lighted and springier. Once baked, this will keep for a couple of weeks, and the flavour will actually improve over time, so it’s ideal to make in advance of Easter celebrations. 


Foraging fortnight – May 2nd – 17th May – dates and price to be confirmed

This year, for the first time, we are excited to be hosting an event at Lochaber farm as part of Foraging Fortnight. We have a couple of events lined up as part of this. One will involve a walk and forage around the farm before bringing our finds back to the bakery and using  them to add to some sourdough baking.

We will also be holding a make your own Gorse Ice Cream event during the fortnight. Have you ever walked past a gorse bush in bloom and noticed its fantastic coconut aroma? This event will show you how to create your ice cream from scratch, including foraging for the gorse at Lochaber farm. (please note, you will be taking your ice cream home for freezing, but the recipe does not require use of an ice cream maker). Please email hello@lochaberfarm.com to register your interest. 

Bespoke classes / birthday parties

If you would like to get together with some friends and learn to make sourdough, (or have a cake or other type of bread in mind that you would like to learn to make) please get in touch to discuss options. Group size is maximum 8 people. Times and length of class can be varied to suit your requirements. Price dependent on schedule.

For all of our classes:

you will be provided with a full set of course notes / recipes

after class support will be provided by email

**50% deposit payment required at time of booking**



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