Summer holiday

This summer we had our first family trip abroad – we really enjoyed exploring the food with the kids. In France, the small village we were in had three bakeries, one of which you could watch the bread being made, it was fascinating and smelt unreal, we breakfasted on baguettes and pan au chocolat bought fresh each morning.

Baguette making in progress
Bakery breakfast in the village square

We spent a morning in the indoor food market, marvelling at the sights – whole cured hams, live lobsters, beef so aged it was almost purple in colour, snails – and everything was sold with such enthusiasm.

Crossing the border into Spain, we came across a restaurant in a sleepy village, intending to stop only for a drink. Our drinks were accompanied by a snack of homemade croquettes and pork belly – these were so tasty that we booked in for dinner that night.

Homemade pork belly bar snack

This restaurant specialised in Catalonian food and we sampled a range of dishes – homegrown chicken with prunes, octopus with potatoes, razor clams, a dish of foraged mushrooms and the most tasty tomato salad I’ve ever had. There was no specific desert menu, but when we asked if there was anything on offer we were presented with a bowl of fresh cherries and a dish of dark chocolate ice cream. I will remember that meal for a long time.

Catalonian sunset on the last night of our holiday

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