Summery refreshments

Thankfully the beast from the east is a distant memory, but we have been enjoying at least one silver lining it left behind. The colder than average March meant that this year’s spring blossom has been condensed over a shorter time span – but has bloomed in absolutely amazing glory. The plum and crab apple trees in my garden were laden with blossom – I have high hopes for their fruit crops later in the year. Last week our annual forage for elderflowers most certainly did not disappoint either.

In the kitchen, I have been relishing making various cold refreshments to enjoy during the recent hot weather – homemade lemonade, elderflower cordial and ice lollies. Lemonade is really easy to make – all you need is sugar, lemons and water. It’s wonderfully refreshing and bursting with flavour especially garnished with strawberries, cucumber and mint.

Our ice lolly moulds have been filled with elderflower cordial, homemade lemonade and simplest of all, banana. To make, mash a banana really well, use the pulp to fill your mould and freeze for 3-4 hours. These little beauties have a very satisfying cold creamy texture, have no added sugar, and are full of all the vitamins and minerals that bananas contain – what could be better?

Please see recipes section for the full version of the lemonade recipe.

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