A piece of family history put to use

My mum keeps everything… I often tease her about it, but a couple of years ago she unearthed a vintage jelly mould that had belonged to her grandmother. It is beautifully old fashioned, like something you would expect to see in an illustration from Bramley hedge.

Picture taken from Summer story by Jill Barklem, part of the Brambly hedge series

This beautiful piece of family history inspired me to try making fresh fruit jelly. This can be done with many different types of fruit, and can be adapted to what’s available, what’s in season, and what you like. However, my favourite is made with summer berries, in particular raspberries.

The last few years we have found an excellent spot for foraging for wild raspberries and these make an insanely tasty jelly, in fact it is a great use for the wild version as they are smaller and seedier, but with an unbelievably fragrant smell and incredible taste. Because you strain the pulp and seeds out of the cooked raspberries, you get all the benefits of the flavour without the pesky seeds. This jelly makes a great dessert for the end of a BBQ, and I have also found it goes down really well when poured it into tiny wee pots for kids birthday parties. It is truly summery.

For recipe, please visit the post ‘Fresh Raspberry Jelly’.


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