Gorse Flower ice cream recipe

Here's the full recipe for Gorse flower ice cream, as mentioned in Saturday 19th May 2018 edition of the Dundee Courier. Ingredients 2 cups of gorseflowers 300ml of whole milk 300ml double cream 6 egg yolks 150g caster sugar Method Gently heat the milk and cream together in a saucepan. When warm, add the gorse... Continue Reading →

Sampling Fife’s seafood

Living in Fife we are able to take advantage of the most amazing langoustines landed on our bountiful coastline. A large percentage of those caught in Fife disappear overseas - but they are available to buy here. There really is nothing better than fresh langoustine, and although appearances may be deceiving, they are easier than... Continue Reading →

3 ways with Rhubarb

This unusual vegetable, which is commonly thought of as a fruit, is one of the first beauties to emerge in the Spring garden. The early or forced shoots are tender and sweet and are a delightful pale pink colour. There are many uses for it. Rhubarb and ricotta bread and butter pudding * Serves: 8... Continue Reading →

Nutrient rich nettles

Cooking with nettles is not something new, and I have heard about it frequently over the years. However, I’ve never tried them before. In part, because I’ve been unsure how and when to harvest these little stingers, and, since having kids, have made every attempt to steer everyone well clear of them. But…nothing ventured, nothing... Continue Reading →

A taste of Spring

By the end of January I am desperately yearning for a taste of spring. Normally, my go to food choice is Lemon curd. It’s enticing daffodil-like hue, comforting creaminess and sharp refreshing zing is just the ticket. Last year I discovered a recipe for passionfruit curd, which had a delightful exotic taste. However, with my... Continue Reading →


On the farm the cattle and sheep have verified the change in the season - we were amazed to see that their consumption of haylage almost doubled  - keeping them in food has now become a twice daily, chilly, task. Inside, we are enjoying our advent candle, which takes pride of place on the kitchen... Continue Reading →

A pleasing pause

There is a pleasing pause after the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night and before the start of the Christmas rush. A time to take stock and plan for the deluge of activity to come. I use this time to prepare Christmas gifts from the kitchen that should be made in advance. This year I... Continue Reading →

Changing colours, warming spices

All around us the fields are changing from their stubbly golden hue to a rich deep chocolatey brown as they are ploughed and re-sown with winter cereals. In the kitchen, the food I opt for takes on a colour change too – I find myself moving from eating crunchy fresh green garden peas, beans and... Continue Reading →

Springtime kitchen endeavours

Time in the kitchen over the last few weeks has been focused on sourdough. Having run through the process a few times now, I am feeling more confident, and happier to experiment. My sourdough starter is now active enough to store in the fridge and just to be 'fed' with a little production sourdough whenever... Continue Reading →

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