Next up: the courgettes

I love the month of June when you can practically watch the veg grow and there’s something new to harvest almost every week. Case in point: the courgettes. Hot on the heels of the kohlrabi, the first batch of courgettes, pictured above, weighed in at about 500g. Not bad, given that it’s early in the... Continue Reading →

Our first 2020 harvest

Exciting times! The record breaking temperatures in May have given our vegetables a real boost and in the last week, we were able to pick our first kohlrabis. It’s been an eagerly awaited harvest. I absolutely love kohlrabi and have told everybody at the farm what a wonderful vegetable it is. So, the anticipation was... Continue Reading →

So far, so good

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a photo of my dining room window, and some of you have asked me how the plug plants on the windowsill are doing. I’m pleased to report that they’re all in the kitchen garden where they’re coming along quite nicely. I’m actually quite chuffed how well they’re... Continue Reading →

A quick and easy lunch

The current situation definitely has the effect of focusing minds and thoughts on what is close to hand when it comes to cooking. We have been blessed with such warm dry weather, which has brought on the plants in the kitchen garden almost instantaneously. In the herb bed, chives are a really hardy, versatile addition,... Continue Reading →

An unexpected find

Not everything goes according to plan in the kitchen garden. And while it’s more fun to talk about success stories, I also want to share our mishaps with you. Here’s an example of ‘crop rotation somewhat gone wrong’.   This is our garlic and onion bed. ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Stuttgarter Giant’ have grown quite a fair... Continue Reading →

Our latest addition

How quickly things can change. In my last blog, I wrote that my kitchen looked like a veritable plant nursery due to the lack of a greenhouse. And now we've got a 10m x 4m polytunnel at the farm. We're all super excited about the possibilities this presents!  

The thrill of growing veg from seeds

Have you found that Covid forced you to consider new ways of doing things? And it’s actually been a great experience, sometimes better than how you went about things before the pandemic? In my case, that’s been the case with growing veg. I used to buy plug plants because it seemed convenient and always yielded... Continue Reading →

Strange new world

I just had to share this with you. I'm not trying to access the Government's Department for Work and Pensions website or some equally important service. No, this is Suttons, supplier of seeds and other horticultural products. And I'm in a queue, with more than 6000 people ahead of me! Welcome to the new normal.... Continue Reading →

Spring planting under way

What strange times we live in at the moment. Covid-19 is also affecting life on the farm and in the kitchen garden. I already miss tea breaks and lunches in the bread barn which have fallen victim to social distancing. The advice to stay at home poses its own challenges, as does the closure of... Continue Reading →

Progress in the kitchen garden

It’s been a while since my last post. Storm after storm and tons of rain meant we hardly got anything done in February. Here are some photos, showing what it’s been like at the farm:     But just in time for meteorological spring, conditions improved. In the last couple of days, we managed to... Continue Reading →

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